Arlington Community Church - United Church of Christ

"Yearning and Learning to Serve"

Service Projects

If you have an idea for a service project please reach out to our office! 

Care Corps, Inc. Donation - May of 2021

The ACC Confirmation class organized, collected and distributed goods to Care Corps, Inc. in Fremont as part of their service to the community. The church is extremely proud of the students commitment to serve our community and their drive to step up and make things happen. This service project was 100% their idea and they followed through with the help of our congregation.  ACC was able to donate Pillows, Towels, and personal hygiene products. 

We are proud of this Confirmation class and can not wait to see you grow in Christ and in his service to our community!  

Kamp Kaleo Wish List -- August of 2018

August Service Project: 

We will be collecting items for Kamp Kaleo's wish lists. Bring your donations to church on Sunday, August 19 or Sunday, August 26. Items will be collected and blessed during offertory of the service. 

Items requested include: 

        Cleaning supplies: toilet bowl cleaner, window cleaner, 409, cleaning caddy, multi-surface cleaner, cleaning gloves, pumice stones, bar keepers friend, clear totes, Clorox toilet wizard, microfiber towels for cleaning, air freshener spray, air wick plug ins.  

Kitchen supplies:  stainless steel scratch pads, cutting boards, paring knives, potato peelers, pastry blender, apple wedger, pizza rollers, measuring cups, hand mixer, liquid measuring cups, long handled kitchen brush fro scrubbing deep dishes, big cake pans, salad bar tongs, kitchen serving utensils, can opener. 

Monetary donations are accepted also either for the purchase of items or to be directed to 

Kamp Kaleo. 

All contributions are much appreciated!!

Veteran Bags -- February of 2018

In February we put together hygiene bags for homeless veterans in the surrounding area. These bags included a towel that will be left at the center and personal hygiene items that they can take with them such as a tooth brush, tooth paste, body wash, shampoo, comb, and other miscellaneous items.  

The bags were put together following service on February 25th in the fellowship hall. 

Comfort Bags -- August of 2017  

Comfort Bags were put together for cancer patients undergoing treatment. The bags were available at cancer treatment centers in the area. These bags were meant to bring peace and comfort to those undergoing treatment; letting them know they are not alone in their fight. The bags included things such as lotion, tissues, water bottles, and small games. 

Service Project -- June of 2017

Hygiene bundles that included a towel with sewn pockets for products including lotion, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, a wash cloth and other products.